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                      iPhones and iPads are heaven-sent for gaming enthusiasts of all ages. Nowadays, they can play free casino games online & for fun at even if they are on the go. The “iOS Revolution” has drastically changed the way video games are played. At present, there are so many addictive games that bring the same fun factor and excitement that free slot machine apps bring. Some of the most notable ones are elaborated below.

                      Angry Birds

                      Arguably the most popular game in the App Store, Angry birds is a challenging game that requires logic, skills, tricks, etc. This game is about the never ending battle of birds and pigs and its objective is easy—using the birds, players need—to aim at pigs and basically annihilate them. It consists of different levels that are available in free and paid versions.

                      Brother in Arms 2 – Global Front HD

                      This multi-player, first-person shooter game allows up to five players. The game is controlled with the use of on-screen virtual buttons a virtual control stick that is utilized to achieve movement. During the game, player can throw grenades, crouch, reload, change weapons, stab or slash enemies, etc.

                      Real Racing HD

                      Real Racing HD is one of the most exciting and most realistic racing as of late. It offers players a gaming experience that is unlike any other. With its superb graphics and excellent game play, players can experience the thrill of racing on the palm of their hands!

                      Critter Crunch

                      Critter Crunch is an award-winning, addictive, and exciting puzzler game that enables players to control Biggs, a furry forest creature that eats different kinds of critters to survive. The goal is to help this character reach the top of the food chain.

                      Flight Control

                      Flight Control is game that is known for its detailed High-Definition Graphics. Its objective is to manage the developing traffic at the airport.

                      To achieve this, players need to navigate each plane to its appropriate location. While the game play is simple, Flight Control is insanely addictive in so many ways.


                      The above mentioned iOS games are only some of the gaming apps that brought craze to the gaming community. They are indeed very addictive and the fun factor that they bring is just plain awesome. That said, those who are tired of boring video games should consider downloading some of them.

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