HR and Software – HR Tasks Made Easier

                      Over the years, rafts of new regulations have running a business more complicated than ever. One area of business that makes most people’s blood run cold is Human Resources (HR). Taking care of employees is an important task and one that most business owners take very seriously, but it is not easy.

                      Caring for staff is complicated by the need to adhere to a range of regulations and to be able to prove conclusively that the rules have been followed. Fortunately, as you can see here there are plenty of tools out there designed to make it easier for you to manage your staff. Which tools you use is very much up to you, but here is our summary of the tasks we feel are best accomplished with the help of HR software.


                      If you can only afford to buy one HR software suite our suggestion is that you spend your money on a payroll system. Administering your payroll using spreadsheets is unwieldy and fraught with the possibility for costly errors.

                      Making sure that all staff are paid correctly and in a timely manner is of course important. It is also important to have a record of what everyone has been paid and to ensure that you have paid all state taxes. The right payroll software makes it far easier for firms to keep pace with changes to employment tax rates. Using payroll software saves time, money and gives everyone peace of mind.


                      Recruitment is tricky especially for a firm that has a fast turnover or is growing fast. Keeping track of applications is complex if you keep everything on paper.

                      It helps to be able to hold applicants CVs in one place, and to be able to keep them for as long as you need. Many firms quickly find staff from the pool of speculative CVs they have been sent to them over the past month. This negates the need to advertise and wait for suitable applicants to apply.?

                      Sometimes an applicant will not be right for one job but may have the right skills for another position within your business. The best recruitment software will alert you to this fact and allow you to quickly fill all positions within your business.

                      Once a person is employed, the recruitment software can be used to make sure that the tax authorities are notified properly. The best recruitment software systems interface with a firm’s payroll system.

                      HR Data Management

                      Key to getting the most out of your staff is having control of your HR data. If you can easily interrogate your HR data, you know if absenteeism is becoming an issue in a certain area. It also makes it easier to measure productivity and to work out your true staffing costs.

                      If you are still struggling to run your HR department using spreadsheets our advice is to take a few minutes to look into specialist human resources software. Utilising this specialist software will save your firm money, time and a great deal of hassle.?

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